Min Zhen: Arhat
Restoration of the painting

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Museo d'Arte Cinese - Parma
Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation


Description of the painting

The Arhat by Min Zhen belongs to the pictorial genre of Buddhist figures. In the foreground, with beard and thick hair, the elderly master, a begging bowl in his right hand and a precious cintamani jewel in his left hand. Behind him, a young monk holds a staff. They are shown lifting their heads towards the heavens with a joyful expression on their faces. Above them, on the right, is a dragon flying among the clouds. The artist’s name, Min Zhen and his seal, appear below, to the left of the picture. Min Zhen (1730-?) was a famous artist of the Qing dynasty. A native of Nanchang (Jiangxi), he resided for a period of time at Yangzhou, where he became one of the most representative artists of the celebrated “Yangzhou school”, excelling in the xieyi-style ink painting of people, landscapes, flowers and birds. When painting people, Min Zhen used a large brush, incorporating elements of the draft or grass script (cao shu): the figures’ clothing is produced by a spontaneous movement of the brush, creating a smooth-flowing and natural effect.

Chinese Art Museum, Parma

The Chinese Art Museum of Parma was founded in 1901, following a donation of Chinese art objects from the Universal Exhibition of Turin (1898). The aim of the museum was, and still is, to promote the knowledge of Chinese culture and its great artistic tradition. Among its collections, the Museum holds ceramics, bronzes, textiles and coins produced in China over thousands of years. To mark the event “Italia in Cina 2006”, the Museum of Parma will restore this important painting by Min Zhen to its original glory so that all enthusiasts of the fascinating Chinese pictorial art may admire it.


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Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation

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