11th International Conference Euro-Eco 2006
Krakow, 18-19 September 2006


Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering
AGH University of Science and Technology

With the coperation of:
Union des Terres des Rivieres

Interdisciplinary Co-operation for the Sustainable Development of Historical Cities and Protected Areas
Perspectives of Sound Tourism

1st Announcement


The conference will refer to recent recommendations of the UN, UNESCO and European Union, referring to the promotion of sustainable development on regional and international scale. The team of organizers has experience related to the organization (1989 - 2002) of a series of international conferences on the European integration in sustainable development.
Our team has methodological experience from the series of international and national summer schools referring to alternative forms of tourism and sustainable development in the regions of some Polish national parks (since 1968). We also carried out work on the state of environment in historical urban complexes in Poland and Italy. Recently we also completed the work within the European project connected with our participation in the project on the modern education of tourists and residents in eco-tourism and the sustainable development of the areas of exceptional natural and cultural values. The model area was the Cinque Terre National Park (Italy).

The forthcoming conference will refer to the co-operation of experts and decision makers - from local self-governments and administration - in the area of sustainable development of historical cities and protected areas (national parks, nature reserves, landscape parks) and health resorts. This co-operation has an interdisciplinary character, and a particular reference point will be perspectives of the development of different forms of environmentally sound tourism (eco-tourism and cultural tourism) in the regions of highest cultural and/or natural values.

Main Topics of the Conference

1) Methods of interdisciplinary studies on the influence of pollution on cultural monuments, works of art and health of the residents (including the use of modern environmental monitoring).
2) Education of different age groups for eco-tourism and the organisation of qualified tourism.
3) The application of computer techniques (including the Internet), photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS for the promotion of cultural and natural values of specially protected areas.
4) Perspectives of the application of new achievements of environmental engineering (innovative biotechnology in particular) for more efficient protection of natural environment, connected with the development of balneotherapy, hiking, cycling, horse-riding, canoeing etc.
5) Health aspects of eco-tourism and naturotherapy
6) Eco-tourism as the promising area of sustainable development on regional and international scale (review of experience from different countries)
7) The experience of the Association des Terre de Rivieres as the example of the promotion of the co-operation of experts and decision-makers for the sustainable development of river regions in different countries.

The Conference will be a good opportunity to extend the co-operation of scientists (e.g. in the area of education, computer science, economy, organization of tourism, biotechnology and environmental engineering) and specialists from local administration as well as companies making infrastructure for eco-tourism on international scale. The promotion of innovative solutions created at universities and useful for small and medium business is planned, in the aspect of the promotion of their implementations in different regions. The Conference should also contribute to the development of inter-regional co-operation of self-governments and local administration with universities and business. Like previous conferences it will promote European co-operation for sustainable development and help in generating new projects in this area.

The publication of conference proceedings is planned. They should make valuable didactic help for students and representative of local self-governments and administration.

The language of the Conference is English.

Contact with the Organizers

All the interested with detail information on the conference are kindly requested to contact us at the following e-mails:

or awagner@agh.edu.pl

We would ask you to inform us if you would like to have an oral presentation or a poster (for now giving just preliminary information will do). The presentation of your firm is also possible.

Information about the conference fee, possibilities of hotel reservation, cultural programme etc. will be provided in Second Announcement.

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