QUESTIONNAIRE for participants (students) of the workshops
(this is only anonymous questionnaire, it will be only used for research).
When did you participate in student workshops of Foundation Romualdo Del Bianco in Florence?
day / month / year
Name (not obligatory):
Country (not obligatory):
Which was the subject of the workshops?
fine arts & design
conservation & restoration
other (please describe)
Representatives of which countries (cities) did participate in them?
Have the stay in Florence for workshops made for you possible to establish new contacts with young people from other countries?
Please write how many contacts you have established.
Do you stay in touch with those students nowadays?
Yes No
Please, describe the form of contacts?
by email
by phone
by mail
other (please describe)
May you call some of them with the word “friendship”?
Yes No
Have those contacts resulted in visits?
Yes No
From - to?
How many times?
Do you think that your stay in Florence have broaden your horizons? If yes, in which way ?
knowledge of art, culture of Florence
improvement of knowledge of English
change of beliefs, opinions about the world gained from other participants
knowledge related to studied specialization
knowledge about possibilities to gain social contacts and integration of the youth
other (please describe)
Do you see any bad sides from your stay in Florence?
Yes No
Which are they? (please describe)
Do You plan to come back to Florence in the future?
Yes No
Have the arrival to Florence encouraged you to visit other countries and to participate in other international events for students?
Yes No
Do You have other remarks concerning the role of the students workshops, organization matters, etc?
What do you think about the duration of the workshop (too short, too long, just enough etc.)?
too short too long just enough
What is your opinion about the proportion of the organised program (work in groups, visits to
museums) and free time ? (two much work, two much free time, etc)
too much work too much free time
How many hours a day did you spend on average working on the topic? / How many of them
did you work in the international teams?
Facilities and service provided by the RDB Foundation Express the level of satisfaction with the following services:
Excellent Very good Avarage Rather bad Poor
Canteen service
Excellent and very convinient Quite good and convinient Rather bad I hardly went there
Never been there

Visits to museums

Exciting Very interessting Quite interessting Rather boring Waste of time
How did you integrate in the group?
100 % 80 % 50 % 20 % 0 %

If you have any questions regarding this subject of the questionnaire please write to: