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"II International Vocal Masterclass of  Baroque Music in Florence", directed by Paul Esswood.


  Project Leader:

Prof. Stanislaw Daniel Kotlinski
Teacher of vocal art
Director and Organizer of the International vocal masterclasses
of the Academy of Music in Gdansk
Director of the Syrinx-Kotlinsky Artistic Agency
Sniadeckich 7
PL 80-204 Gdańsk
tel. cell. +48 601 675155
tel./fax: +48 58 3410371

E-mail syrinx@post.pl

The Masterclass was organised by the Fleming Youth and the Syrinx-Kotlinski Artists Management & Productions with the patronage of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in co-operation with Florence City Municipality. 

Sponsored by Mr. Christophe Musial, Dr. Francesco Civita and Vivahotels.

  Brief description of the initiative:

Last Saturday 10th of January 2004, was succesfully concluded the II International Vocal Masterclass of Baroque Music directed by the extraordinary British counter-tenor Paul Esswood; the International Final Concert of the best students of the Masterclass, was held in Conservatorio Statale di Musica L.Cherubini of Florence.

The programme of the course was oriented to perfecting the technique of interpretation of Baroque Music - Bach, Handel, Monteverdi, Purcell, Schütz, etc.


Countries of provenence of the Masterclass Partecipants:
Irland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Switzerland

  The partecipants:


  • GIANGRANDE ALESSANDRO (Monopoli (Ba),Italy)

  • ALBERTI GIULIA (Venezia, Italy)

  • CECI ROBERTO (Taranto,Italy)
  • CONTI LARISSA (Massagno, Switzerland)
  • IACOMELLI MARCO (Novara, Italy)
  • VIVIEN HEWITT (Belfast, Irland)
  • YASUHIKO HARADA (Nara, Japan)
  • PUPO MARCO (Florence, Italy)
  • ADRIAN GEORGE POPESCU (Bucharest, Romania)


  • CORVAJA TOMMASO (Firenze, Italy)
  • TORELLI STEFANO (Varazze (SV), Italy)
  • MARTIN SZEWCZYK ( Lodz, Poland)
  • ANTONIO LAURIA (Florence, Italy )
  • BARNI ALESSIO (Pisa, Italy)


  • CRISCUOLO RENATO (Perugia, Italy)
  • JUNG KUM HO (South Corea)
  • BALDACCINI ILARIA (Florence, Italy)
  • BIANCHI FEDERICA (Florence, Italy)
  • VENTURINI MATTEO (Florence, Italy)
  • ORI SIMONE (Florence, Italy)
  • TRIVOLETTI SILVIA (Florence, Italy)
  • TOMEI FRANCESCO (Florence, Italy)
  • CHIOCCI FRANCESCA (Florence, Italy)


Program of Final Concert

This masterclass has been realised thanks to the co-operation of Viva hotels - Hotels in Florence