"Vocalissimo": the glory of the human voice
"Tones of Florence no 2"
         from 13th to 20th February 2005

promoted by Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation with the support of Viva hotels in Florence
     second event of the week : two others are show-competition on architecture and a conference

roject Leaders:
Prof. Egon Krak
Academy of Arts of Banska Bystrica
Ul. J. Kollara 22, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Tel.   +421 48 4320 115
Fax:  +421 48 4145109

Prof. Sarah Meredith
University Of Wisconsin-Green Bay
2420 Nicolet Dr
Green Bay  54311, USA, Theater Hall 331

Tel.   920 465-2348
Fax:  920 465 2890
Web: www.uwgb.edu

  Brief description of the initiative:

Vocalissimo project is 1 week vocal practice and concert at the end of the week of selected singers who would be not beginners. Each student will be ask to prepare own repertoir from operatic repertoir late 18th and 19th century / Italian, Russian, German, Czech or French /.

The main topic of the Project Vocalissimo is to promote young singers to have more experiences in future vocal career. Both professors has an outstanding and long career in operatic life in USA
and Europe and rich experiences as pedagogues and

We enjoy your interest and as our partner school we propose you participation of 4 students maximum with short CV and selected repertoir. We shall be very glad if in your group could be piano accompany vocal specialist to be ready practising with students.

  Faculties at the moment participating:

  • Academy of Arts
    Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
    Prof. Egon Krak

  • University of Wisconsin
    Green Bay, USA
    Prof. Sarah Meredith

  • Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
    Bratislava, Slovakia
    Prof. Sergej Kopcak

  • University of M. Bloch
    Strasbourg, France

  How to participate:

  1. Which is the purpose: to foster mutual acquaintance among youth of different Countries and Culture, to make them aware to the principles of tolerance, integration and peace, in accordance with the social mission of international integration of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation.

  2. How it works: for each week below listed, Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation invites in Florence not less than 3 and not more than 5 university Institutes (Faculties, Academies or other) of the same cultural field coming from different countries. Each university Institute must be represented by eight students and one professor: all students (with the help of their professors) will attend a weekly workshop, which subject was defined by a Project Leader (with the previous agreement of the Foundation).

All participants will be accommodated for free: double rooms for Docents, multiple rooms for students, on overnight only basis; meals and travel expenses excluded.

Docents interested to participate with their students to one of the weekly workshops enlisted below, can fill up and send the Participation Request Form directly to the relative Project Leader (see the addresses below) in charge to co-ordinate the organisation of the workshop.

  1. Requsites for admission: please pay attention to following requisites which must be strictly respected:

  • Request of Participation: each Docent/Tutor interested to take part with his/her students in one of the below listed students’ workshop must send the relevant Participation Request Form; it must be received  by the Project Leader and/or the Foundation within 60 days before the beginning of the workshop. Each request of participation will be considered in chronological order, previous requests permitting.

  • Participants List: If the request is accepted, each Docent/Tutor must then sent to the Project Leader and the Foundation the Participants' List (with name, surname of all members of his group, photo and signature included); it must be received by the Foundation within
    3 weeks
    before the beginning of the workshop.

  • "Co-operation Agreement Act": at the moment of the arrival to Florence (or before, by ordinary mail) the Docent/Tutor has to deliver two copies of  the "Co-operation Agreement Act" signed by the responsible of his/her Faculty/Department/Institute; this agreement doesn'e entail any obligation but it is only a free declaration of interest for mutual co-operation for present and future initiatives with the Foundation.

  1. For further information about the working of these initiative, see the General Regulation of the workshops.


If you want to participate to this studentís workshop, please fill up and send your Participation Request Form to the Project Leader (at one of the addresses above) or the Foundation, which must be received within 13rd December 2004.

Then, if your request is accepted, you have to select some students of yours and send your Participantsí List to the Project Leader and to the Foundation, which must be received within 13rd January 2005.


All the students and professors taking part to the weekly workshop are accommodated thanks to Viva Hotel Fleming Novoli, Florence (Viale Guidoni 87 Florence); the final exhibition of the students' works is held on friday at Viva Hotel Alexander Novoli, Florence (Viale Guidoni 101 Florence).

(*)The Project Leader is the person you can apply for more information or for asking to participate to the studentsí weekly workshop

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