Restored paintings

Anonymous North-Italian artist influenced by Dosso Dossi
(active during the first 30 years of the 16th century) Portrait of a Man Uffizi Gallery - Florence

painting exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery

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This fascinating portrait of a man, at the time considered to be a self portrait of the Sodoma, was hung in the Uffizi by Cosimo III de' Medici on 3rd January 1704. Roberto Longhi, one of the greatest art historian of the 20th century, grouped together around this painting a number of works which, on the basis of their similar style, he identified with the name of ‘A friend of Dosso Dossi from Friuli". This descriptive name was used to indicate the works of a painter, without any doubt extremely skilled, who was active during the first thirty years of the 16th century, but whose identity is still unknown today. Most probably from the north of Italy, the artist’s style was similar to that of the exuberant Dosso Dossi from Ferrara. Since its postulation in 1960, the nucleus of paintings has been further studied and reconsidered, revealing instead the hands of several artists. The similarities between this portrait and the style of Dosso Dossi, in particular the brilliantly glowing background, are, however, undeniable. Today, afterthe excellent work of restoration, we can once again appreciate the poetic skill of the painter in the proud expression of this intense face and in the strength of the falling light which seems to etch out the rumpled sleeve in the foreground and to almost sculpt the hand opening in an eloquent gesture.

Antonio Natali
(Director of Renaissance and Mannerism Department – Uffizi Gallery - Florence)

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