Works to be restored within 2000/2001 programme

Attributed to Giulio Ciampi (Cremona post 1507-1573)
Portrait of a Musician
Oil on Canvas 74x58 cm
Uffizi Gallery - Florence

Before the end of the nineteenth century, this painting was attributed to Moretto, an artist from Brescia. Then, authoritative sources proposed Giulio Ciampi of Cremona as the true artist. The yellowing of the paint that makes it difficult to read the painting today also makes it impossible to make a definitive decision as to the name of the artist who did the portrait. It does, however, fall within the confines of the Lombard style and in spite of its condition is a fine quality painting. It is not unreasonable to believe that the forthcoming restoration will make it possible to answer several of the questions surrounding this portrait.

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