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ID  409 1-Medal and Pin     3a Poland
ID  410 2-Medal     3c Italy
ID  411 3-Medal     3c Poland
ID  412 4-Plaque     3c Italy
ID  413 5-Medal     3c Czech Republic
ID  414 6-Bronze sculpture     3d Poland
ID  415 7-Appointment     3d Poland
ID  416 8-Medal     3d Poland
ID  417 9-Medal     3d Poland
ID  418 10-Medal     3b Poland
ID  419 11-Medal     3c Italy
ID  420 12-Medal     Ff Poland
ID  421 13-Medal     3d Hungary
ID  422 14-Medal     3c Slovakia
ID  423 15-Certificate     F7 Italy
ID  424 16-Medal     3c Czech Republic
ID  425 17-Plaque     3c Poland
ID  426 18-Conferral     3c Slovakia
ID  427 19-Medal     3d Slovakia
ID  428 20-Artistic copy of the “University Scepter”     3a Hungary
ID  429 21-Title of     3d Russia
ID  430 22-Diploma     Belarus
ID  431 23- Letter     Italy
ID  432 24- Diploma     Ukraine
ID  433 25- Title of “Honorary Professor”     3d Ukraine
ID  434 26- Medal     3d Slovakia
ID  435 27-Diploma     Ff Russia
ID  436 28- Plaque     3a Poland
ID  437 29-International Award     3b Italy
ID  438 30- Plaque     Ukraine
ID  439 31- Plaque     Ukraine
ID  440 32- Plaque     3d Belarus
ID  441 33- Diploma     Slovakia
ID  442 34-Certificate     Belarus
ID  443 35-Certificate     Russia
ID  444 36-Letter     Italy
ID  445 37- Plaque     3a Italy
ID  446 38- Memorial Plate     3b Bulgaria
ID  447 39-Medal     3c Poland
ID  448 40- Conferral of Professor Honoris Causa     Fl Russia
ID  449 41- Conferral     Italy
ID  450 42- Conferral     3b Italy
ID  451 43- Conferral of Medal of Merit     3a Hungary
ID  452 44-Medal     3d Czech Republic
ID  453 45-Key to the City of Green Bay     3b United States
ID  454 46-Honorary Doctorate University of Wisconsin-Green Bay     Ff United States
ID  455 47-Medal     3c Poland
ID  456 48-Statue of Merit     3a Poland
ID  457 48-Medal     Poland
ID  458 49-Medal     3c Russia
ID  459 50-Plaque     Bulgaria
ID  460 51-Medal     3d Russia
ID  461 52-Medal     3c Slovakia
ID  462 53-Laurea Honoris Causa     Fl Armenia
ID  463 54-Laurea Honoris Causa     Azerbaijan
ID  464 55-Laurea Honoris Causa     3b Georgia
ID  465 56- Laurea Honoris Causa     3c Georgia
ID  466 57-Medal and Laurea Honoris Causa     Fl Russia
ID  467 58-Medal and Laurea Honoris Causa     3d Ukraine
ID  468 59-Medal     3d Armenia
ID  469 60-Silver Medallion     3d Italy
ID  470 61-Diploma     3c Russia
ID  471 62-Diploma     3d Russia
ID  472 63-Key to the City of Tbilisi     3a Georgia
ID  473 64-Medal     3c Georgia
ID  474 65-Diploma     3a Georgia
ID  475 66-Medal     3d Poland
ID  476 67-Diploma     Ff Russia
ID  477 68-Medal     3c Russia
ID  478 69-Conferral of The Alexey Komech Award Felix award     3b Russia
ID  542 70-Conferral of the Milli Irs Mükafatı Award     3b Azerbaijan
ID  553 71-Letter of recognition (Luigi Zangheri)     Fl Italy
ID  600 72-Conferral of Honorary Certificate - (City of Ivanovo)     Ff Russia
ID  601 73-Conferral of Diploma and two     FI Armenia
ID  602 74- Letter of Gratitude (Ivanovo State University)     Ff Russia
ID  603 75-Laurea Honoris Causa (Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University)     Ff Kyrgyzstan
ID  631 76- Diploma - Nagroda Imienia Professor Jana Zachwatowicza     Ff Poland
ID  649 77-Conferral from Bratislava Slovak Republic     3c Slovakia
ID  701 78- Casa Martelli award     Fe Italy
ID  705 79-Honorary Professor of thhe Academy of Kazakh Leading Academy     Fl Kazakhstan
ID  717 80 - Flag of Peace from Assisi     Fe dep Italy
ID  762 81- Prize/Membership     Fe Italy
ID  763 82-Rotary Club Firenze Est Columbus Prize     Fe Italy
ID  768 83-Gilded medal of the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction     3d dep Armenia
ID  770 84-Congratulation letter for AGH University of Science and Technology anniversary     3d dep Poland
ID  811 85- ROTARY CLUB -Paul Harris Fellow Recognition     Fl Italy
ID  865 86-Plaque ICOMOS     Ff Italy
ID  870 87-Honorary     3d Albania
ID  871 88-Certificate of Honor     3c dep Russia
ID  873 89-Diploma (Kharkiv Regional Organizationa)     Fl Ukraine
ID  876 90-Medal Gloria Artis     3a Poland
ID  879 91-Certificate     3c dep Belarus
ID  880 92-Certificate     3c dep Ukraine
ID  881 93-Diploma of Honour     3c dep Ukraine
ID  882 94-Diploma     3c dep Belarus
ID  884 95-Medal     3c Poland
ID  888 96-Conferral of Professor Honoris Causa     Ff Russia
ID  889 99 - Medal – Medaglia Laurenziana     3a Italy
ID  922 100-Commemorative medal for the 70th Anniversary of the Cracow University of Technology and the Faculty of Architecture     3c Poland
ID  931 101-PAIOLANTE DE BENEFIZI 2016 Paolo Del Bianco     Fa Italy
ID  987 102 - Premio Arco di Traiano: StredArti Duemila diciotto     Ff Italy