T.S. Eliot, Dante, and the European Tradition: An International Symposium
January 19th - 25th , 2008
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Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation
Palazzo Coppini Via del Giglio, 10
50123 – Florence (Italy)


Author : Mrs. rosamond richardson


As Rosamond Richardson, Ingrid Soren started her career in the BBC as a presenter of programmes for BBC Education. She has published over thirty non-fiction books, an eclectic range including an interview-based book on Stalin’s Family, The Long Shadow (Little, Brown), which gave her a defining presence in the recent BBC2 documentary Stalin: inside the terror. She has written books about the countryside, about vegetarian food (she was Linda McCartney’s’ food consultant) and about ecological living – Organic Home is published by Dorling Kindersley. Her Natural Superwoman: a survival guide for women who have too much to do, is an international bestseller and in its third edition.

In 2001, in order to break this mould, she took on the nom-de-plume Ingrid Soren. Her Zen of Horseriding was immediately published by Time Warner, sold to the USA and translated into Dutch and German. She decided to take time out to study at Cambridge, and fell in love with Dante. Her forthcoming Dante’s Cat is the result, in which she was enormously supported and encouraged by Professor Robin Kirkpatrick, the latest to translate the Divine Comedy for Penguin Classics. She gave a keynote lecture on Dante and Eliot to the International Summer School at Cambridge in 2005. Work in progress is a book also set in the fourteenth century, A Prior’s Tale, based on the life of Queen Isabelle the wife of Edward II. Future projects include another book about Dante, this time from Beatrice’s point of view.

Ingrid/Rosamond is the daughter of the eminent classical scholar the late Professor Sir Denys Page, lately Master of Jesus College Cambridge.

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