T.S. Eliot, Dante, and the European Tradition: An International Symposium
January 19th - 25th , 2008
  Promoted by:
Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation
Palazzo Coppini Via del Giglio, 10
50123 – Florence (Italy)


Author : Prof. CLAUDIA CORTI

Eliot proposal_ Florence_Conference

Claudia Corti (University of Florence)
“T.S. Eliot, Tradition, and Hermeneutics”

Although one might easily select what Eliot’s concept of “Tradition” owes to previous systems of modern(ist) philosophy and aesthetics (Bradley-Hulme-Santayana), what the conceptualization of “Work on Myth”, as was elaborated by the Constance-Münster “Poetik und Hermeneutik” school, owes to Eliot’s “Tradition” seems to me less obvious. My intention is to show how both ideas highlight a process by which tradition – literary, critical, mythical or hermeneutic – can be transformed into an immanent, energetic myth, while myth itself is transmitted and “worked on” by the literary, critical, mythical, and hermeneutic tradition.

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